Life Style

At Belmont Greene, benefit from rich Life Style, Combined with family friendly warmth. We offer a spectacular environment, exciting activities, varied programming and personalized amenities. Belmont Greene is a superior place, earmarked for those with an appetite for life's finest. We're here to help reinforce the bonds of family, friends and community. We recognize that time together is the utmost luxury of all. At Belmont Greene, we promise to provide all of the requirements for a life well lived.


Celebrating Luxury and Life Style
Belmont Greene is designed to exceed expectations and to sphere
a vision of Social, Business, and Sporting recreations of the highest caliber.
Resident and Guests continually Experience the Elegance,
Hospitality, and Charm that Belmont Greene offers.

Nestled in the rolling greens of Tellapur and next to BHEL, Belmont Greene is a spectacular Gated Community that sets the standard for Luxury Country Club living. This private community offers award-winning homes, unrivaled amenities, and a Rich Life Style.


Your Home Should be Truly the Way you Dreamed.

Your home is a reflection of you. We believe that a truly personalized lifestyle starts with your unique home design decisions. We personalize every detail.

Every Pruthvi Adithya Home is built to our high standards, and yours. Developed using strict quality control measures, combined with feedback from current homeowners, this step-by-step process ensures attention to detail and delivers a home you’ll be proud to call your own.

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  • Collaborative Building Experience – We Keep You Involved
  • Stringent Construction Standards
  • Daily Field Manager Quality Checks
  • High Level of Craftsmanship
  • Internal and Third-Party Inspections



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